30 March 2007

stories, omgoodness stories

Where do we start? lol it's all about NYC and I want to write it all down before I forget it all, there was so much going on. First of all, I LOVE IT there. It's overwhelming and crazy and ridiculous, but i love it. so the boy and I went to the Empire State Building, and it was our last night there. There were the lineups oh, geeeeze, it seems like NY is all about the LINE UPS for...everything. And I'd been to the ESB once before, so I knew it would be like that, but the boy of course is going "we're almost there, right? are we almost there?" ha! no, dear, we're only half-way. Anyhow, when we DID get "there" which was the observation deck, we were amazed and loved it and, even though it was my second time i was still in total awe. So we took pics and pics and pics of the skyline and I took a couple of him, and then, I got him to take one of me, specifically with the Chrysler building in the backdrop because it's my fave building of the NY skyline. So that was great...but after that pic i said "hey, we really need a pic of us together!" So we asked these two nice young guys if they would take our picture, and they obliged, but but but, lmao, right when the dude is taking our picture, he says, "oh no! i think your battery is dead!" and yeah, it WAS! so....no pic of the brown and her boy at the top of the Empire State building! how much does that suck?? well, that's just pretty much the way the whole trip went, but more stories will come later. xo

30 November 2006

Ms J teaches Cocoa to read

26 November 2006

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02 November 2006

paint another K

11 September 2006

paint a thousand words...